Saturday, February 26, 2011

Like a moth, like a moth,
Drawn was I to the warmth of your face.
And meager hope, restless hope
Bound me to wait on cliffs of doubt.

Leo did his level-best to distract, to deflect
From the sign of my thrashing heart, which kept tenuous time.
Doubtless happy light, joyous light
Might dare break forth from your magic eyes (even in this dark lonely crowd).

Like the grass, like the growth
Of earth at spring's inception did I wait to bloom in the sun of your laughter.
Happy hours, holy hours
Went by as I granted your requests.

I am stirred, I am stunned
By the gravity of one error; Does it doom me?
In my haste, in my hurry
I forgot to buy you popcorn.

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