Wednesday, March 30, 2011

5 Thoughts For Today 5. I'm thrilled to be FINALLY done reading Evangelism in the Early Church by Michael Green. The first 200 pages and the last 8 are especially great, and I recommend the book to any committed Christian, whether papist, Eastern pope-dissenter, or fractious biblicist (Protestant). 4. Baseball season is upon us, and I'm PUMPED. Tomorrow, it begins. And the highlight is of course is Chris Carpenter taking the hill in St. Louis against San Diego. 3. Prayer is good, and overdue. 2. My mind is on the weekend. 1. Those crafty zealots at the local Jesus TV station have started showing Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes at 9 PM. But I wonder if they realize they might be militating against their own evangelistic appeals? Gene Roddenberry was a kind, but militant, secularist. (But, I suspect that the Christian faith of Star Trek writers has been formidable indeed.) Larry Rice Bonus: I know that Larry Rice is a left-wing hippie. I know that some people think he's corrupt. But for my part, I found it hard to argue with the exhortations to faith in Jesus combined with calls to serve the poor.

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Timothy said...

How about an Eastern pope-dissenting factious biblicist? C'mon two is better than one, right?