Tuesday, March 22, 2011

They couldn't stop the ball. That's the way it seemed, anyway. On this night, when basketball legend Coach Pat Summitt notched her 1,070th victory against only 198 losses, the very day the university fired her friend Bruce Pearl, Angel Robinson and her Marquette Golden Eagles teammates were quick off the dribble, and in the paint all night long. It was the easy buckets set up by penetration that made this game much closer than the 79-70 score. Tennessee rebounded well, and it's a good thing; the single opportunities and missed shots in the first half and in the final 3 minutes by Marquette were the difference in the game. This was a beautiful game to watch, as both teams had shooting percentages above 50 for most of the game. There was a flow, there was a cleanliness about it. Even if this tournament, indeed, this game is a product of an ill-conceived and unconstitutional attempt at social engineering, heck, I still like to watch it. It's good basketball. And anyone who says different probably doesn't understand basketball. I would have to admit that I haven't seen many games this year, but if the remaining teams have quick guards, the Vols could have problems.

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