Thursday, June 30, 2011

I now have sound on this computer! And my music is all back! I've gone YouTube crazy. And for a lot of stuff I don't actually own. George Michael, Michael Bolton, Dru Hill, New Edition, Deborah Cox, etc. It's been awesome. Don't dare ask me why I'd date a black woman after you watch Lark Voorhies ("Lisa Turtle" for you Saved By The Bell fans) in the "These Are The Times" video. And of course, that tune was a huge hit for Dru Hill, and yes, it was written by Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds.
Anyway, what I came to talk about is a recent study reporting that 17% of white evangelicals believe that interracial marriage is inappropriate, in contrast to 8% percent of the white population in general. What? I thought evangelicals were supposed to understand the love of God better than those liberals, and heaven forbid, Catholics? I guess not.
In case anybody cares, I'd just say that I find a lot of black women attractive. Hey, I'm still probably some kind of racial neanderthal, but popular black culture has certainly helped. My first celebrity crush was Brandy. I don't know the difficulties with other ethnicities, but I wouldn't care. Who are these people? [Does that girl from high school count as a celebrity?--ed.] No, Rissi wasn't famous then. She was in the sense that I couldn't talk to her. Her husband is a lucky man.

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