Wednesday, September 07, 2011

OK, I admit it: I love the song "Me and Mrs. Jones" by Billy Paul. If you're not familiar with it, (or steadfastly opposed to clicking my links) it's about an adulterous affair: "Me and Mrs. Jones/We got a thing goin' on/We both know that it's wrong/But it's much too strong/To let it go now." I came across this song listening to the satellite radio channels on Dish Network/U-verse/DirecTV and those Time-Life classic soul collection infomercials. This is the Michael Buble version. On my initial hearing/re-introduction, I sanctimoniously felt that songs like this glorified evil and were the reason we're so screwed up. And there may be some truth in that. Home come owever, what's even more screwed up is that today, this song isn't even scandalous. You couldn't even write a song like this. It'd be like, "Well, $#*! happens. You love who you love." I like how Billy's character says that they know it's wrong. I like how he calls her 'Mrs. Jones.' Self-deception is so bad today that nobody would call her that. Wouldn't want to be reminded of your evil. I didn't come here to tell you that.
Did you know that Michael Buble sang a version of "Always On My Mind"? I love this guy! I've had the greatest difficulty finding a song of his that I even mildly dislike. Look, I'm no music snob; in fact, I'm the opposite, if there is such a thing. But you know darn well when you've entered another echelon in the world of popular music; Buble occupies that echelon. Anyway, I couldn't very well listen to that and not listen to Mr. Nelson's version. I didn't know/had forgotten that the King sang this, and in fact it was recorded first by Brenda Lee. Willie's version is the one I remember, though. I've grown up with country music, and you have to have hidden under a rock not to know it, given that musical awareness. It's funny, though: my mom hates Willie Nelson, (at least his singing) but she's the reason I know who he is. Well, she hates raisins too, but she made us eat them. If only I could be so strong. Willie's still current. And it's hard not to like "Mendocino County Line." [You just like it because of Lee Ann Womack.--ed.] Well, she never hurts a song/video.

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