Saturday, February 08, 2014

5 Thoughts On Atheist "Evangelism"

5. I guess we can hardly fault them for mimicking us. You know what they say about imitation...

4. If there is no God, you don't get reward points, like anti-grace, no matter how many people watch your videos.

3. Cool, man. You don't want to read the Bible. What about Plato and Aristotle? They said God must exist. But whatever. They were obviously part of the Jesus Industrial Complex, before the fact.

2. If God doesn't exist, from whence do you get all that moral outrage? Your passion is no more valid than him you oppose. Wake me up when you get out of that Nietzschian nightmare.

1. You certainly do an awful lot of talking about Someone who doesn't exist. You're a lot like a woman, who professes her antipathy over and over. Her smart friends are shopping for deals on wedding invitations.

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