Monday, February 03, 2014

5 Thoughts You May Need

5. Semi-pelagianism: The belief that man in his natural state is able to make the first move toward God, and then after that, God assists. (And not the other way around.) This has always been held to be false by the universal Church, though many great saints held such a view before it was judged heresy.

4. I wouldn't say that various personal difficulties in themselves have much to do with governing a state. Your inhuman agenda might, though.

3. I wouldn't trust a music magazine to accurately represent Catholic teaching. In fact, they aren't that great in their field of "expertise." "August And Everything After" was not an attempt at an iconic album; it is iconic. Rolling Stone is like the dumbest guy in a dorm-room philosophy discussion; everyone is hoping he shuts up and leaves before we all get dumber.

2. I'll say it again: If Pope Francis is a "Marxist," then so am I.

1. I don't have to make judgments about individuals and their habits to say that forced contraception is not only harmful; the manner of its introduction is not in keeping with this nation's long tradition of liberty and tolerance.

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