Friday, February 14, 2014

Blessed By The Deb

I thought I'd continue the friendship series here. I'm on a good roll. I know that some of you who read these might struggle with affirmation, and I sympathize, but your good is more important than your comfort.

Deborah Allinder Lee is really funny. She's industrious, resourceful, talented, and a thousand other things. The truth is, though, in some ways, those are on the surface. Those are the things that make us who know her laugh, or give thanks. The deeper things are worth noting, too.

She makes others feel safe. She understands what it means not to be whole in some way, and she lets you have the space to be a mess. I might say she could stand to give the same break to herself. But her cross is--like for any of us--her way of peace.

I can honestly say that I see myself in a clearer way because of her. The lies that others have told me, and that I have told myself, are nothing next to her unconditional love. That is grace in a person's life, and it has spilled into mine.

I am thankful today, and every day, for my friend Deborah.

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