Tuesday, February 04, 2014

I Thought He Was Great

Bruno Mars was great at the Super Bowl halftime show. Everyone kept their clothes on, (well, except the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but they're all guys, and that was horrible anyway) and everyone seemed to have a good time. "Locked Out Of Heaven" isn't going to win any chastity prizes (and neither is Bruno Mars, apparently) but I've seen worse on this halftime show. I'd say have him back next year. Or get John Legend. That guy is incredible. I heard complaints when Bruno was first announced, and Beyonce the year before, and I just have to bring it up: What segment of the Super Bowl viewing public is not comfortable with black people, and black music? Every year that I've heard pre-emptive complaints, it just so happens that the performer is a person of color. One year, one of my friends suggested AC/DC, and I just laughed. They haven't been legitimately popular since, what, 1982?

My generation and certainly the ones after it have listened to pop music that is thoroughly saturated with African-American cultural influence; it's just the norm now. We're post-Thriller, post-MJ, (RIP) post-Cosby Show, and countless other things; we're not going back, nor should we. You need someone with broad-based, multi-racial appeal. An old white band will only cut it if there's a Beatle (Paul McCartney) or they've been the Biggest Band In The World for a good chunk of time. (U2) Just sayin.'

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