Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ditch "Friend Zone"

Look, man. I like girls. Women. You know, that way. It's the way things (usually) are. It's perfectly natural, and good, as far as it goes. And some of us guys really have not taken to singleness terribly well. I'm the worst. Ever. I hate it, in a certain sense. It's hard. And not just in your teens and twenties.

But we've got to stop buying the lie that we're not alive without sex and marriage. This culture feeds it to us constantly. But it's crap. Total malarkey. I put "sex" first, because most dudes are thinking it first, even if we've learned to phrase it differently.

If you have something good to give, then give it, even if you get nothing in return. This is love. We all fall short. And simply saying it doesn't make a certain emptiness go away. A cross is a cross. But a cross carried in Christ is a wonderful burden.

If you need me in the Friend Zone, I'm there. There are worse things, like the Enemy Zone, the I Don't Exist Zone, and The I'm Calling The Cops Zone.

Just a thought, from a guy who doesn't (yet) have that "Significant Other" (another awful phrase) who nonetheless is not dead.

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