Sunday, April 13, 2014

He Deserves A Real Answer, Part II, Starring Ralph Macchio (No, Not Really)

Go back to the previous post if you need a refresher, but Dr. Bryan Cross is not, as I understand it, making the syllogism/dilemma to say that any current Reformed person thinks suicide is good; rather, he is asking whether that is a viable conclusion to reach, given the premises. He knows well the conclusion is undesirable, and altogether not good. That's why it's a dilemma. He's definitely saying that Reformed people are inconsistent with their principles, and in this case, that's a very good thing. As Dr. Feingold says, "It is better to be inconsistent with good principles, than to be consistent with bad ones."

It seemed to me all over the place that various heretical radical individualists were being very consistent in the application of Sola Scriptura. If a principle well applied (consistently, that is) leads inoxerably and unavoidably to a bad end, most especially for those who do not intend it, that's a good clue it's a bad principle.

Overall, "conservative Protestants" (the phrase is quickly losing meaning) are inconsistent in their application of both good and bad principles. The opposite of ecclesial deism is God's faithfulness, which becomes expressed visibly in the Church, which, more than metaphorically, draws its reality from the Incarnate Word Himself.

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