Sunday, April 06, 2014

On Being A "Bigot"

Forgive me if this sounds defiant, but you may call me whatever name you wish, owing to my unwillingness to smile and tell you that of course you can re-define marriage, or that homosexual conduct is right and good. I don't care. Because the only thing that matters to me is my conscience. If 99 percent of the public believed it was acceptable to put cute household pets in blenders, (pardon the example) I still wouldn't do it, because it's wrong. But you, homosexuality advocate, seem to think it matters that half or almost half of people don't seem to mind. The morality under which I operate doesn't shift based on what most people say. Most people can't be trusted to find Missouri on a map; I'm not getting life advice from most people.

And part of your mistake may be due to the fact that great movements for true justice made use of democratic means. But don't mistake it; we do not make justice by our majoritarian consensus; the best we can say is that we have conformed the workings of our polity to the demands of justice. Indeed, that is what we should say.

I think down deep, you know that the "equality" you fight for is a lie, a shadow. You press on, because being disapproved is far worse to you than telling someone they are advocating the absurd. You need those people to say hard words. Hard words can be loving words, and soft words can be words of hidden hate.

I'm perfectly happy being scorned, because I know when I'm right. This is one of those times.

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