Thursday, May 22, 2014

5 Thoughts For Today

5. Man, when the Boomer rockers were older and not trying to be edgy, they made truly great pop music, even if a solid chunk of their audience wanted to vomit.

4. I call malarkey on anyone who claims to dislike "Glory Of Love" by Peter Cetera.

3. I know she changed Christian music forever, but someone should say it: Amy Grant's pop albums are better than her Christian ones.

2. I wish I had written "Endless Summer Nights" by Richard Marx.

1. You hear "This I Promise You" by NSYNC, and you think, "It's an adequately serviceable ball of sap from some teenage crooning sissies." You hear the songwriter (Richard Marx) sing it, and there's a credibility there, even if it's still melodramatic.

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