Sunday, May 04, 2014

I Had A Cat, And Named Him "Snarky"

5. I thump the Bible in the general direction of people who post dumb, self-congratulatory memes about their moral superiority to Bible-thumpers.

4. I want to get one shirt that says, "I'm With Frank, The Hippie Pope," and one that says, "Meet The New Boss; Same As The Old Boss," and wear them alternately, to annoy people for whom being a child of the Church isn't good enough.

3. The next time someone asks me what I think of President Obama, I'm going to say, "Not bad, except for the 'killing people for no defensible reason' part" and roll away.

2. What if the next-worst part about the triumph of Obama (after "KPFNDR") is the death of neoliberalism?

1. GO, SPURS, GO!!!

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