Tuesday, June 17, 2014

95 Theses VI: The Undiscovered Heresy

26. The pope does excellently when he grants remission to the souls in purgatory on account of intercessions made on their behalf, and not by the power of the keys (which he cannot exercise for them). My comment: On the contrary; he can do both. John 20:23.

27. There is no divine authority for preaching that the soul flies out of the purgatory immediately the money clinks in the bottom of the chest. My comment: Assuming someone actually said this, it's only true to the extent that it reflects the Church's actual teaching; insofar as it doesn't, it doesn't matter, no matter who said it.

28. It is certainly possible that when the money clinks in the bottom of the chest avarice and greed increase; but when the church offers intercession, all depends in the will of God. My comment: This is certainly true, but I don't get the point. Denying the Church's right to intercede does not end greed or avarice.

29. Who knows whether all souls in purgatory wish to be redeemed in view of what is said of St. Severinus and St. Pascal? (Note: Paschal I, pope 817-24. The legend is that he and Severinus were willing to endure the pains of purgatory for the benefit of the faithful). My comment: The legend isn't odd if one doesn't view participation and the will of God as a zero-sum game.

30. No one is sure of the reality of his own contrition, much less of receiving plenary forgiveness. My comment: He can be sure of forgiveness, if he receives the sacraments. But one cannot accept this if he has the special pride of scrupulosity.

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