Thursday, June 19, 2014

95 Theses VII: Heresy Knocks Twice

31. One who bona fide buys indulgence is a rare as a bona fide penitent man, i.e. very rare indeed. My comment: We don't deny doctrines because people misunderstand or misuse them.

32. All those who believe themselves certain of their own salvation by means of letters of indulgence, will be eternally damned, together with their teachers. My comment: You can't be saved by an indulgence, not then, not now, not ever. I doubt anyone of any importance actually claimed otherwise. Also, pronouncing damnation on people is exactly what Jesus said not to do. You're not the Church; shut your pie-hole.

33. We should be most carefully on our guard against those who say that the papal indulgences are an inestimable divine gift, and that a man is reconciled to God by them. My comment: Papal indulgences are an amazing gift, and an opportunity to participate in the reconciliation won by Christ, and deepen our love for Him.

34. For the grace conveyed by these indulgences relates simply to the penalties of the sacramental "satisfactions" decreed merely by man. My comment: Sacramentals work by the authority of the Church, to convey grace to dispose us to receive the sacraments--the efficacious signs of our salvation--more worthily. The whole problem is the faulty ecclesiology that makes "decreed merely by man" seem like a good argument.

35. It is not in accordance with Christian doctrines to preach and teach that those who buy off souls, or purchase confessional licenses, have no need to repent of their own sins. My comment: I doubt anyone actually ever claimed this, but a true penitent by definition does not need to be told to confess his sins.

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