Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Archbishop Carlson

As most of you know, Archbishop Carlson has given several depositions over the years related to sex-abuse allegations and confirmed crimes, like this one, concerning a case he'd previously given testimony. Read the transcript yourself; ask yourself if the lawyer doing the questioning wants to get the truth, or is trying to trap the witness. I appreciated Carlson's frankness, and taking of responsibility in general on behalf of the Church, for mistakes in dealing with these kinds of cases in the past. I also appreciated the care he took not to answer hastily, and potentially inaccurately. Here is the statement from the Archdiocese. I think the Post-Dispatch owes the people of St. Louis an apology, and the reporter should be fired. Yes, I feel that strongly about it. Well, they ought to be sued for every penny they are worth for how they've reported the accusations against Fr. Joseph Jiang, but I'm not holding my breath. "How long, O Lord?" (Pro Tip: Sometimes, courts drop charges when they are baseless.)

I didn't see anything in here that has shaken my confidence in the Archbishop, or in his solicitude, both physically and spiritually, for the people under his care.

I'm praying for you, Your Excellency. Just tell the truth, as you have done, and we your children in the Lord will hold you up in these times of trouble.

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