Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Don't Read "Love" Advice

I'm just that sort of guy. If my feelings for someone (romantically) are strong, they're really strong. I'm glad it never went anywhere That One Time, because who she really is, and who she might have wanted me to think she was, are different. Which isn't to say she was dishonest. She wasn't. We just see what we want to see.

Anyway, I was reading a webpage called, "The Date Report." The first article was great. Let me sum up, dudes: Disappearing is a total tool move. Don't do it. I'm not even good at this, and I know that one. If it's over, you can tell her, pansy.

I thought the second one would be funny. What the music you like says about you on a first date. Sidebar: I hate the entire concept of dating. It seems cruel and reckless. Anyway, I found two that are a couple of favorites: John Mayer, and John Legend.

"John Mayer: You are a virgin."

Yes, in fact, I am. I don't see even a correlation here, but OK. Why is this a bad thing? Should I feel bad about this? Why? Pray tell, O Wise One, who has bonded physically, emotionally--dare I say--metaphysically--with random strangers multiple times, while trying to pretend you're not wounded deeply by the whole thing. Moving on.

"John Legend: You have emotional sex." Well, no. We covered this. But I very likely will, if marriage is my vocation. I do everything with emotion. I eat Snickers bars with emotion. I'm not bored, ever. EVER. Moreover, if the marital embrace is a picture of Christ and the Church, you'd better believe I'm going to get emotional. I would hope that the Love explosion which is seeing God in the Beatific Vision would not leave me as the picture of stoicism!

The flippant, inconsequential nature of the life of lies they are trying to sell us! It boggles the mind.

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