Monday, June 30, 2014

Pope Francis Is Like Columbo

No, seriously. I need you to hear me out on this one. They don't do things in the right order; they don't say things quite the way people would like. They either trap you, or charm you into admitting you were wrong. The wrong sort of person thinks he's too good for them. Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness find a friend and champion in both. You don't miss them until they are gone.

I thought of this because Nicole DeMille happened to post that she was watching Columbo, one of the eleventy thousand things of pop culture we both love. I don't know if I am out of time or what, but no, I'm not in my early 40s. It just works out that way. If I ever try to play it off like I'm going to sing "Seasons Change" ironically, you can call malarkey.

I don't do anything ironically, unless I write a post called, "Nancy Pelosi Is The Greatest Catholic Ever!" As established earlier this week, I can't even eat a Snickers bar indifferently. (Meanwhile, Jon Stogsdill shouts, "Get a room!")

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