Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Too Funky

5. My sister-in-law told me I'd like Ariana Grande; she's right. But I've listened to the album several times, and I know why. She sounds like Mariah Carey. Less vocal range, surely. And it's cruder, owing to the further degradation of our culture since then. But if she told me she was born in Rye, NY in 1970, I would have believed her.

4. I do shout, "By what authority?" a lot. Why? Because that's the whole matter. We can't judge any doctrine except by the ones who sent this particular person as a herald of the gospel. So, again, if I were in Zurich in 1540, deciding whether to remain Catholic or not, what evidence would you present to persuade me to go with the new "reform" movement? By this scenario, I'm taking away an implicit, "Well, the Reformation happened, it's not going away, so it must be right" provided somewhat by the pass of the centuries.

3. Dude, we put the antiphons back for the graduation Mass, and it screwed me up. Figures.

2. "Every time she sneezes, I believe it's love/And O Lord, I'm not ready for this sort of thing."

1. Go, Spurs, go!

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