Monday, June 09, 2014

You See...

There is the smallest clip of Patrick Stump singing "Rich Girl" by Hall & Oates, here, about 30 seconds in. Which leads one to ask, "How much would you pay to hear Patrick Stump (of Fall Out Boy) sing an entire album of Hall & Oates covers?" I'd estimate I'd pay about eleventy billion dollars. I haven't been this pumped since, while listening to "Kissing A Fool" by the incomparable George Michael, I said, "You know who'd be great singing this song? Michael Buble!" Only to find that Mr. Buble thought of it already. The Buble Debacle, I call it. For my ignorance, not for the song.

[Are you becoming a Hall & Oates fan?--ed.] Who's to say? I wasn't even there for most of their work, but I can say that what I know of them never displeases me, and that many well-known tunes of theirs sound pretty good in 2014. You've gotta wonder if they'd be more popular if they'd come 10 or 15 years later. I'd say that melody has been lost today. Nothing personal, but no one is going to hear "Super Bass" in 20 years and think, "Wow, that takes me back," or, "That Nicki Minaj is a great songwriter." A "classic" song in pop music is one that young people won't be ashamed to hear and sing along to when they are 85. [But you have no shame, anyway.--ed.] Shut up.

A few brief musings.

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