Sunday, July 13, 2014

So True It Hurts

Dale Carpenter in the Washington Post:

"In my world, activists and liberal professors (like me) are constantly asserting that corporations can and should care about more than just shareholder profit. We sing the praises of corporate social responsibility.

Well, Hobby Lobby is a socially responsible corporation, judged by the deep religious beliefs of its owners. The court decisively rejects the notion that the sole purpose of a for-profit corporation is to make money for its shareholders. This fits perfectly with the expansive view of corporate purpose that liberal proponents of social responsibility usually advocate — except, apparently, when talking about this case."--Brett McDonnell, corporate law scholar

If we really reflect upon what's being said here, we have the basis for not only political common ground, but a truer anthropology for living. Consent cannot be the sole criterion for whether any interaction--economic or otherwise--comports with justice and the common good. Haven't we heard this before? Oh, yeah. That "commie" Leo XIII said this in Rerum Novarum. His denunciations of socialism would make Reagan blush. But we have more thinking to do, because if we do not encourage economic systems that facilitate human flourishing, it is as damaging as any socialist tyranny can dish out. (Correction: This quote was incorrectly attributed to Mr. Carpenter, when it is in fact Mr. McDonnell. It's now been linked, and I regret the error.)

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