Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The World Is Stupid, And I Want To Cry

I have adapted my title from the Star Trek: The Original Series award-winning episode "For The World Is Hollow, And I Have Touched The Sky." This blog is not a gossip magazine, but here you go. I saw Kendra's show a few times, and at the risk of sounding like The Church Lady--given the fact that a few things have to go wrong for a nice girl to end up in Playboy--she seems like a person you could hang out with. If you ever saw that show "My Boys," Kendra Wilkinson is like Jordan Spiro: comfortable with men, a little tomboyish, but not too much. You'd understand the poor guy who fell for her, because it messes up the dynamic.

In any case, Hank Baskett was the marginal NFL receiver that's good-looking enough to land the nice girl who ended up in Playboy. Seems nice, or as good as a life apart from God could be. But a house of lies is just that.

"Transgender" is not a thing. Do you know what that means? "A person with a broken family life, that possibly included sexual abuse, decides to mutilate themselves to cover the unhappiness of not being able to accept their sex, for a whole host of reasons." It could be as simple as being ashamed of homosexual tendencies. (In fairness, that definition may put the blame on some parents when it doesn't belong there.)

And Hank, Us Magazine, everybody: he had gay sex. The fact that this poor person paid someone else to mutilate him first doesn't change that fact, for either of them.

I'm glad Kendra was angry. Whether the marriage was a good idea, or was canonically valid is beside the point that a wife betrayed by adultery has a right to be hurt and angry. This culture wants to sell us the notion that all these labels--man/woman, marriage or not, actual sex versus sin--are just outmoded labels. Right. The ring in the toilet says otherwise, and I'm glad for that, at least.

May the Lord have mercy on us!

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