Tuesday, August 26, 2014

5 Thoughts For Today

5. Oh, come on! That's funny! More proof that we are ruled by humorless scolds.

4. Humorless, gay-vangelizing scolds. [Did you just approvingly link Matt Walsh?--ed.] Yes, I did. I'm Catholic. We don't wring our hands about "tone." It's an act of charity to tell someone to stop being such a fascist.

3. And someone should be mad about Gosnell. They buried that story, on purpose, to avoid damaging public support for abortion.

2. C'mon Padres. Pitching a dude who's 6-13 (now 6-14) against the Brewers was just Stults.

1. Bases loaded, one out, down by a run. A hit would be nice, but whatever you do, HIT IT IN THE AIR! Situational hitting. You're lucky we won.

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