Tuesday, August 05, 2014

5 Thoughts For Today

5. You couldn't pay me to watch "Muhammad and Larry," the documentary about the lead-up and aftermath of the 1981 fight between Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes. That fight never should have taken place.

4. If we disregard everything from 1978 onward, Ali's record would be 55-2. That would be a loss to Joe Frazier in their first fight, and a decision loss to Ken Norton, who broke Ali's jaw in the middle of that fight. He finished the fight.

3. The character of "Rocky Balboa" is based on Chuck Wepner, who fought Ali courageously in 1975, even knocking him down.

2. That means "Apollo Creed" is a facsimile of The Greatest.

1. Aren't we glad Ali never tried to fight a scary Russian dude who looks like Dolf Lundgren?

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