Wednesday, August 06, 2014

5 Thoughts For Today

5. Interesting, but it largely misses the point. This is the fruit of Sola Scriptura: being forced into an uneasy acceptance of a myriad of opinions, because A) no one can tell anyone else what the Bible really says/what it means concerning anything; B) no one agrees about what constitutes the "church"; because C) there is no rule of faith.

4. Unless you make an ad hoc appeal to an ecumenical council or something. Feel free to borrow anything you like, but fair warning: borrowing from the Catholic Church is like being a long-term customer at a rent-to-own place. Sooner or later, you just want to buy the couch. [This is the worst analogy ever.--ed.] Yeah, but now we can make evangelistic t-shirts and stuff that say, "Buy the Couch!"

3. Is it me, or are the Cardinals getting That Look? [Calm yourself.--ed.] Just saying, they are doing that annoying thing they do every year. It's a five-step process:

A) Woefully under-perform both team and national media expectations;

B) Lose a Really Important Guy for a huge chunk of time; (Actually, Cardinals fans know this happens 6 times every season.)

C) Play average enough that they can play the "Nobody believed in us!" card; (hat-tip: Grantland's Bill Simmons)

D) Get inexplicably hot at the right time, winning the hearts of most of America, at least the part that doesn't realize we are actually the Yankees in a plucky, Midwestern disguise;

E) Whatever the outcome, leave the fans swapping, "I almost gave up" and "I always believed" stories for the entire winter, the kind that make Cubs fans want to shank them with a crowbar.

2. I can't remember losing and being more optimistic as we were after the World Series last year. For other teams, "wait 'til next year" is a vain wish; for the Cardinals, it's a threat.

1. Oh, for pete's sake! I could maybe fault the president for an overly-exuberant display of liberal piety, but I don't get outraged by kind words to American Muslims. I just don't. If I lose my membership card and decoder ring, so be it.

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