Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"No Creed But The Christ" Equals No Dogma

So-called "Churches of Christ" lose their dogmatic commitments faster than other Protestant communities because there are fewer people to persuade in order to effect major theological change, due to the congregational polity.

The fact is, inertia is all that keeps the less-independent communities from breaking apart faster. But then again, it only takes one enterprising Leithart-type to prove that "derivative authority" is a sham.

What is Sola Scriptura, really, as a principle? It is the rejection of ecclesiastical authority based on an individual interpretation of Scripture, which, in theory and in fact, can be done at any time by anyone.

That's why the "Reformation" will never be over, and why reunion with the Catholic Church is the only hope for the preservation of Christian truth.

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