Thursday, August 07, 2014

There Is A Left Bias At Christ And Pop Culture

It's true, you know. For all I know, particular evangelical blind-spots need a dash of "Left" to make things coherent. But let's cut the mess: It's what would happen if Christianity Today and The Atlantic had a baby. [You were going to say, "love-child."--ed.] This is a Christian blog. I think they should own up to it. S.L. Whitesell is the only guy that gives off actual "Possible GOP Convention Delegate" vibes. Let's tell the truth.

The reality is, Dr. Noble and the others are paranoid about even the vaguest hint of an association with the "Religious Right." And fair enough: There's quite a drop-off between Francis Schaeffer (may he rest in peace) and Todd Starnes. Heck, who wouldn't take Dr. Kennedy back from the dead if we could?

But I didn't grow up in your subculture; it took me inside a year as a Christian to create the distance between politics and faith that CaPC seems so desirous to create. If the Democratic Party hadn't betrayed the pro-life movement, we wouldn't even be having this discussion. But the rise of the pro-life movement almost entirely within the Republican Party gives you the baggage; I just don't think you should make the rest of us carry it.

You're not being "apolitical"; you're not fooling anyone.

Have you ever seen a piece there criticizing major Democratic Party leaders, either elected or opinion-makers? Neither have I. Maybe I just missed it.

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