Friday, August 08, 2014

There Is No Divorce And Re-Marriage (To Someone Else)

This is why the disciples freak out on Jesus. Remember what they said? "If this is so, it is better not to be married." We've lost the radical nature of this teaching, because we're so used to divorce. We're children of divorce. It's normal now.

The tragedy of this comes when we realize that God meant what he said, and that He will punish adultery just like the standard adultery. Let us certainly plead for mercy in all cases, but a state of ongoing adultery is just that, and one should not expect Holy Communion in a state like that! This whole discussion or push to allow the divorced and "re-married" back to Holy Communion is completely backwards. I'm sorry if this offends.

I do not envy those pastors who must exercise "pastoral care" in such situations, and I do believe God's mercy can reach any person in any situation, but that's just it: all of us, in our own way, must accept what Christ has for us, no matter how difficult.

I think it prudent, in the case of any doubt, to seek to know one's marital status through a Declaration of Nullity proceeding. You either did, or did not, get validly married as a Catholic. That would determine your next steps.

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