Thursday, August 07, 2014

Today's Gospel: Mt. 17:1-9

As I read this, I couldn't get the opening verses of Hebrews out of my head. He has indeed spoken in these last days through His Son, and it is all to our benefit. Take a moment to reflect on the hope and faith of the Mother of God, as she spoke the words that we know as the Magnificat. She who personified faithful Israel in every respect is a model and helper to those who are but wild olive branches on the Lord's olive tree.

Isn't it interesting? We are commended as ones who believe though we have not seen, as Thomas did, and yet, what a gift here the Lord gives! To see Moses and Elijah! What relief and consolation! Our eyes illumined by faith see no less, though "he had no beauty or majesty to draw us to him."

The most amazing thing--and I don't want to get over it--is how plain Jesus might have looked to the natural eye. Yet fervent faith and hope saw the plan of God, the mighty Lord, coming on the clouds of heaven. What do you see? What do you want to see?

The Holy Mighty One reigned in a place fit for beasts of burden. He's not too good to come to you and me.

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