Monday, September 15, 2014

Disney's "Brave" Is A Horrible Movie

Yeah, I said it. It's a pile of Gnostic heresy, wrapped in the story of a strong, tomboy girl. They even managed to paint the father in a good light. But the pagans are done emasculating men; they've got bigger fish to fry. Consider:

1. Merida's helper is a witch. Not a fairy godmother kind, either. An actual witch.

2. This movie is set very near the second millennium after the appearing of Our Lord, if not after it. In Scotland. Seriously, let that sink in. Our protagonist and her family, and everyone they know, are pagans. Why are we OK with this? It's not even remotely accurate.

3. Our concluding monologue, which is where you give us the take-away for the entire movie, is about strength, independence, and "finding your inner voice."

I hated this movie, and you should, too.

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Lindsay said...

I saw it with you! Remember I totally complained about it at the time!