Wednesday, April 08, 2015

God Is Bigger

We've been arguing about cakes and conscience for a while now, and that's not an unworthy activity, but how I respond to the illiberal tendencies of some who don't really believe in any sort of freedom says a lot about who I really believe God is.

Do I really believe that sexual sin, including homosexual practices, separates me and others from God? Do I really believe that to be with God in Heaven is the reason I live? Do I really believe that sinners are hiding from the God who loves them? If I believe this, then I must believe what I once wrote:

"You don't stop existing, you know. And most people know that they want to like themselves, and even that they're supposed to. So they have to construct a reality where they are happy, and where they are good. That's why the public space is so absurd: some people are trying really hard, and they have a lot of shame."

Tell you what, guys: If you are so wounded that you need to throw me in jail, or ruin my life because I won't tell you what you want to hear, go for it. I could scream and raise Cain because the land of the free is gone, and is never coming back, but the truth is, it died a long time ago. If I really believe in God who speaks in the quiet, you won't be able to stand against that Love. And if you try, you will answer for the injustices you commit against me or others when your guilty conscience gets too loud to bear.

Are you sure you know who hates whom?

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