Friday, April 03, 2015

Good Friday

I used to say that I hated Good Friday. I did this because I always struggled when the sacramental presence of Our Lord Jesus left the tabernacle. Ichabod, we might say, "the glory has departed." I no longer feel this, although there is likely a chilly emptiness in all the Latin Rite churches today.

All of us carry around those things from life that make it hard for us to relate to God properly. We are wounded. We might instinctively feel that God is abandoning us, as have so many others. Faith teaches otherwise, but only if it's strong enough to give us the strength to disregard feelings when necessary.

What am I today? Excited. Because in little more than a day, Karen, and Katie, and so many others will come into full communion with the Church! I won't promise that you won't suffer, because if you love, you will suffer. But you aren't even aware of the magnitude of the nuclear Love explosion that is going to take place. You may be ready, and eager, and already in love with Jesus. Still, full communion is full communion. Look out, world! Because these brothers and sisters have enough faith for 10 of us!

God is doing a thing, and no one will be able to stop it. In the end, you ask yourself, "Why would I want to?"

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