Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mass Is Mass

It really isn't my place to decide (or yours) that the "New Mass" isn't as good as the "Old Mass." It just isn't. The "Old Mass" isn't even old! The bygone ancient days of 1962! O woe to the Church in America! Whatever shall we do?

You have a right to demand that we celebrate Mass according to the liturgical rubrics. We have the right and the duty to strive to worship with the most sacred music we are capable of producing. I actually believe that. If we're not doing this, or working toward it, we are tolerating liturgical abuse and mediocrity.

But here's what I don't believe: I don't believe Vatican II is a swear-word. I don't believe I need to play word-games, deciding what is "dogmatic" and what is "pastoral," then deciding I can ignore the latter. I don't pine for the "good ol' days." I just got here; I think this is the greatest Church ever, because it is. Not because we are so awesome, (we aren't) or that ideas don't have consequences (they do) or that pastoral decisions are always wise (definitely not). Christ founded the Church, though, and He has been protecting it all this time. Did that change when I fell asleep last night? I thought not.

You love the Latin Mass; good for you! Don't make it an idol. Worship Christ, who is present in every Eucharist. Certain "traditionalists" think that as long as they don't form a schism, they can nurture infidelity in their hearts. Guess what? When you essentially pretend that Vatican II didn't happen, when you judge others (including the bishops) who don't feel it necessary to join you at TLM, that's exactly what you are doing. I'm calling you out; I hope it makes you mad.

But JK is done being nice.

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