Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sinus Infections Are Bad

You may have noticed that you haven't been invited into my virtual living room lately. Yeah. I'm not going to die. We know that for sure. And if I do? Well, as they say, it's been a good run. (I went to Confession on Sunday, before Mass.) Yes, I went to Mass. I figure I'm not contagious, I can settle the cough down for a few hours,'s Mass. If I'm not a public health threat, I'm going.

A great hue and cry from my reader has reached my decidedly blocked ears, so I blog. I've decided that I have to do this. There is something about me; I must be talking. When I stop talking, I stop thinking. When I stop thinking, spiritually and otherwise, this is not good. [Some may argue that your thoughts aren't that great.--ed.] That's a true story, if I ever heard one.

Lots of people are in less than optimal health these days. St. Luke, pray for us!

I've been on a Hall and Oates kick for some time now. I blame Nicole DeMille entirely for this. I was just a little tyke when those cats had their career resurgence in the 1980s, but Y98 in St. Louis was in my bloodstream. Later, I got really into R&B and soul. Yeah. I'll bet Boyz II Men loves Daryl Hall and John Oates. At least I hope they do.

Bye for now!

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