Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Glass Menagerie

That was a TV movie? Sheesh. They don't make 'em like that anymore. No wonder Hepburn didn't win another Oscar; they don't do that for TV. If they did...yeah. I'm sure someone somewhere thinks Katharine Hepburn is overrated, but that person is obviously insane. [You like Tom Cruise. Why should anyone care what you think about acting?--ed.] I love Tom Cruise. He's the most absurdly underrated actor of all time, and nobody realizes it, because 1. He's been obscenely successful financially; 2. he's kind of a weirdo in some ways; and 3. he's also been a sex symbol, and people don't actually think you can be good at acting if you are sexy. It's still easier for guys, but it's still true.

Why do I think Tom is so good? He's never in the way. Whether he's carrying an action flick, or playing something of a second fiddle to an older/better actor (Rain Man, Days of Thunder), he does what he does. I haven't even seen Born on the Fourth of July, or Lions for Lambs yet. The Last Samurai is a great movie. A Few Good Men, same. His "B" movies are more watchable than anybody else's. Can we just cede the title of "Greatest "B" Movie of All Time" to Top Gun? You're not gonna put it up there with 12 Angry Men, or Citizen Kane, or even The Shawshank Redemption, but c'mon. Minority Report, any of the Mission: Impossible're not turning the channel if they come on. And if I'm biased toward people with severe disabilities, sue me.

Far and Away is even tolerable. I digress.

Everybody in The Glass Menagerie took turns being mesmerizing. What a story! I was in their lives; these felt like people I would know and like. It's cool to see the two guys who'd make or cement their names on the show "Law and Order" share the screen. Netflix needs to bring this one back.

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