Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Right Is Stupid

I think we're seeing a trend of more active First Ladies. Especially with Democrats, that's to be expected. That bothers people, and we have a much longer tradition of cramming your pie-hole, and reading books to schoolkids. Fair enough. And I would never say that anyone who dares to speak publicly about some issue is beyond criticism, depending on how important that is.

Doesn't it seem though that the criticism of Mrs. Obama largely falls in the category of "absurdly over-the-top"? She can't say anything, ever, without it being flagged as part of the great Obama Communist Takeover. Now, I would agree that the president does many things to further this perception. But for Heaven's sake, I can see why Michelle Obama might even say something like, "For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country." That was some time ago, granted.

We have a great basis of a great society in the principles of our nation, in her Constitution, in the character of many people who have advanced her causes. Is the history of our nation one of uninterrupted justice, sunshine, and rainbows? For a black woman? I don't think so.

You want to be angry about me saying this, and I'd love to respond, but I can't hear you over the blaring Lee Greenwood you brought along. What is she, 50? I'll bet academic life was a treat. I'll bet she's never heard vicious racial slurs, ever. C'mon, man. In fact, she gets an automatic Stupid Statements Allotment of at least 3 for all that. If that makes me a liberal, so be it, Sparky.

If you're asking me if I think some of the criticism of the president and his wife--and the intensely personal nature of it--is racially motivated, I'm a moron if I don't say, "yes." Sorry, but not. Do they use that to deflect legitimate criticism, to shame opponents, and enact bad policy? Of course they do. Doesn't change the facts.

The point being, the only thing worse than the Leftist Outrage Machine is the Rightist one. Sue me for wanting to hear what someone has to say before I lament their very existence.

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