Tuesday, May 19, 2015

You Satisfy The Hungry Heart

One of those advocates of the Extraordinary Form said to me, "Actually, you're choking on "Gift Of Finest Wheat" and those other hippie hymns you sing." You hold your tongue, son. That is a great hymn. Why? Because it's true. If a dog had an immortal soul, he'd convert upon hearing it. It's weird that I'm the one saying this, because we shouldn't be singing hymns at all. That's right, at all.

If I had two dogs, two puppies with whom I could guide on their life's journey, they'd be named Gregorian, and Chant. And seriously, who stole the antiphons? And yes, I'd be totally happy if all the priests faced ad orientem, because a priest making a sacrifice would be/is doing exactly that. I don't even look at him.

But once more, do not say we are complicit in turning the Eucharist into "meal-time," just because you and Michael Voris haven't gotten your way today. I actually believe this gospel we are hearing about. When I said I believed what the Church taught, I meant it. I mean it even more now. I am willing to go pretty far with the argument that liturgy can shape us, maybe even more than anything else. Yet I hear, "I am lazy" when someone says, "We need liturgical reform [Only the EF]." I don't care if you're 22, buddy. You can still be nostalgic. The worst part is, many people are nostalgic for a past that never existed.

Which is not to say that a massive outbreak of The Latin Mass would be anything other than a good thing. It probably would. I just would rather leave "The Remnant" and the, "We're the Church in exile!" nonsense behind.

If you are my friend, or you are the loyal reader of the blog, you know that I have seen "Field of Dreams" at least 65 times. There's a part where Annie Kinsella is at a PTA meeting, and there's a woman ranting about the evils being perpetrated by a book in the assigned reading. She's a moonbat, though a Right-leaning one, and after assuring Annie that she too experienced the '60s, Annie replied, "No, I think you had two '50s, and went right on into the '70s." (I'm deeply conflicted about many aspects of the worldview on offer from Annie, but that line is about to make my point.)

I think a lot of people are trying to have the '50s, or at least a popular perception of them, forever. This is not the '50s; even the '50s were not the '50s. There are no good 'ol days. We have everything that we could need or want right here. Even if we have to sing "Gift Of Finest Wheat."

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