Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Only Thing Worse

...than having a flag stained in innocent blood is founding a country dedicated to the shedding of more.

The only thing worse than overrating a president who won a war is revering a statist who started them, and putting his face on a mountain. The Roosevelt presidents could be on a game show or history special called, "The Lesser Of Two Evils."

I don't think George W. Bush will be ranked by historians as among the worst presidents 20 years from now. In 40 years, he may crack the top 20. Historians are just as influenced by irrational perceptions as average people are; they just have more letters after their names.

Nixon was just a Greek tragedy. Never has being cast as a villain left out so much. You can thank Nixon you were not annihilated by Communists. Blessed are the peacemakers, until they break into hotel rooms, looking for ultimately unnecessary information, and then lie to cover it up.

A sobering thought: If JFK had lived, we'd have despised him by this point, too. The people are never kind in Year 7.

A few reckless opinions for your consideration.

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