Saturday, July 25, 2015

I Love-Hate Taylor Swift

I've been a legitimate fan since 2006. She really does write great songs. I have no idea really what makes a good pop singer, but suffice to say, she sings well enough to be very successful. She's one of those weird people whose biggest fans and biggest detractors are both right.

You may have noticed (even if you want to vomit at the thought) that she's really attractive. She's got that classic red lipstick look that we like, to paraphrase one of her songs. I'm still young enough to notice, and old/pious enough to know that it makes me a little uncomfortable.

She's always used the word "classy" in reference to herself as a goal in presentation, or in reference to how she wants young girls to perceive her (and themselves). We're reaching the point culturally where, if this is the modern culture's attempt at modesty, we are doomed. This is Taylor Swift; this is not supposed to be a person known for trying to shock us. She's not Madonna, or even Mariah Carey, sad to say.

If you've ever seen Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, (she played a prostitute) Taylor Swift walked on stage wearing those leg-suspender deals that are--at least in movies and TV--the sign of such things. I wasn't there; I saw a small clip. Why does anyone think that you can say "classy" and "prostitute" at the same time?

Pretty Woman won't be confused for a family film; not then, and not now. But the reasons it kind of works as a movie are: 1. it communicates that prostitution is bad; and 2. but prostitutes are people, too; and 3. wouldn't it be nice if a sweet girl in a bad way like that could "fall in love" and leave that all behind? I saw it again a couple of years back; it still works. Did you know it's still the most commercially successful "romantic comedy" of all time? It created the genre. I digress. Here's my question: Do you want to live in a culture that is so degraded that Pretty Woman doesn't make sense?

Man, I love Taylor Swift. I'm a huge fan. But I wouldn't go near that concert, unless I hated her, and myself. Those were the thoughts I had. Unchastity is a kind of self-hatred, and a kind of hatred for whoever aids you in it. So great is our dignity. This is why it offends God, who made us as the apple of His eye. Think and pray on that one. And maybe drop some Rosary bombs on Taylor Swift.

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