Tuesday, July 07, 2015

I'm Just Being Honest

I'm sure that beautiful, prominent Catholic married couple who lectures on chastity has helped a lot of people. I'll just bet they are holier, more prayerful, and better than me. I guess that novena worked. I was going to say "like a charm." Anyway, my reaction when I see anything of theirs:

I don't care. Please shut up.

You know what? The truth is, they had about a 0% chance of not being married. If either one of them told me they struggled with their singleness, I would laugh at them. Maybe one day, I could be persuaded to be sorry.

But not today.

Where are the freaks and the ugly people? I'd listen to them. I already know what they are like. I get them. Generally speaking though, you are just reinforcing the same cultural messages, Catholic media world.

You're not reaching me. Really, you're not even close.

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Nathan Hall said...

A man tosses his twig in the air, catches it like a battan, and points it at one carrying a cross. "Buck up," he says, "and watch your feet or you'll stumble!" He is not far from being a mocker.