Monday, July 13, 2015

Truth Is Truth, Volume 7000

Another steaming pile of excuses for why Trueman can't be Catholic. It's dogma that matters, and it was the contrary dogmas which I had no basis for holding that opened me to the call of Jesus in the Catholic Church. Orthopraxy matters, too, obviously, but if I don't have a basis for dogma at all, the practical weakness of the average Catholic parish is irrelevant.

That's what Trueman is saying here, you know. "Clean your own house, and then we'll talk." But some subjective assessment of my own solidity in discipleship, or that of my fellows, does not answer the question of whether God is commanding me to hold doctrine x, or doctrine y. Frankly, if I had made the decision based on who lived more in accord with the truth, my PCA church or Trueman's OPC one wins easily. Again, irrelevant.

He's cloaking it all in talk of cultural engagement, but he's feeling The Pull, as are the other non-Catholics at First Things.

Blessed Newman, pray for us!

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