Monday, August 31, 2015

I Can See Clearly Now

I know a few people that could be characterized as "bad guys." Fairly bad, violent criminal histories. I wouldn't necessarily say that I have an abundance of warm feelings at any one time, either, and I suppose that is precisely the point.

Sure as the summer day is long, I'm telling you, I can see underneath it. We don't mean to deny that any of the stuff is truly heinous, and said person won't be held accountable by God, but if you have the eyes to see a person's true destiny, you can begin to pray for them to receive it, to be reconciled fully to God.

I realize now that I can profess anything I like, but the true test of whether I believe God is love, or that God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself is, could I see my greatest enemy on Earth, the one who's done me the most harm, in the Confession line behind me, and be happy?

That's tough. That's not a human thing; you can't conjure that up in yourself. And every day, we face the challenge of people sinning against us, and remaining in the anger and hurt of that moment, or seeing eternity for what it is, and choosing that for them instead. That's love. I may or may not ever have a warm feeling toward someone, but if I choose their highest good today, I have loved.

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