Monday, August 17, 2015

Reality Bites

The biggest temptation for any person is to live a lie; we all have moments where we just say, "Sod it all, I don't care." I'm the weakest person I know; my file on "sins of weakness" (as opposed to malice) is the biggest one they have, I'm sure. You might be able to say the same.

But I had a firm decision yesterday; I'm not going to deny reality to make myself happy; I'm not going to deny it to make others happy. People do this all the time. Getting along is easier than speaking hard truth. You might have to say, "Mental illness is real, and you need to face it," or "Abortion is murder," or any number of things. Not wanting to rock the boat could be an exercise of prudence, or a failure of fortitude, and it's not always easy to discern.

But if you let people continue in horribly unhealthy or immoral patterns for years at great cost to yourself without doing anything at all to change it, it's probably the latter. It's never too late to change it, but today could be the day.

People can get so deep in evil, they call it good, and call good evil. There's no direct helping that can or should be done. Just prayer. I was reminded that I might lose my cool, but if I can still pray, and with a pure heart, thinking of nothing but that person happy before God in Heaven, I have not truly been stained by anger or bitterness. For others, that reckoning has become a call to conversion, and we pray that God will not hold our unforgiveness against us.

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