Monday, August 03, 2015

Rosary VII: Jason's Revenge

Look here, children: Horror movies aren't good for us; I don't watch them. But if I need a clickbait post title, well, my hands are tied. After I thought of it, though, I realized that I know tons of people who irritate me, even make me angry. What better "revenge" than the Rosary? That former TA of my Covenant Theology class, who loves his generalizations about the poor motives of Reformed converts to Catholicism? He's got no chance, ultimately, when the saints get involved.

If you think about these little irritations in relation to eternal life as a blessed child of God, they don't measure up. If I really understand the last things, my evil neighbor--who's made life pretty hard for us these 20-plus years--really isn't meant to live in the bitterness he apparently harbors. He isn't meant to suffer the damnation that evil rightly deserves. Nobody is. The reality that Hell is and will not be empty is of no concern to me, as long as I have co-redemptive skin in the game.

That's hard when people hurt you; it's hard to love so much that grave evils pale. It's hard to pray like that. Yet I think I should try. It sounds crazy, but the gospel sounds crazy. I'm not disbelieving it any time soon.

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