Thursday, December 10, 2015


What is peace? I think practically, it's when you no longer feel beholden to forces beyond your control. You know that you belong to God, and nothing in the world can change that. There's a part of my favorite baseball movie, Field of Dreams, where Ray realizes he's being called to Boston, but they are broke. His wife Annie lays it all out there, and sighs, "We could lose this farm." It always sounded half-hearted to me, as if we're supposed to know that he should go to Boston.

Obedience is going to Boston, when it seems like a really bad idea. Holiness is knowing that the farm counts for nothing. Whatever it symbolizes in our lives, we surrender in loving trust to God.

What if the saints are simply those who trusted in God's sovereign love despite all apparent reasons not to? It's not beyond us, if we simply believe that God is God, and there is no other.

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