Wednesday, January 06, 2016

"I Am" Walked On The Water

Did you know that the wording of what we usually translate as, "It is I; do not be afraid" is the same in both John 6:20, and Mark 6:50? I was making the case that we should translate that as, "I AM; do not be afraid." Especially in light of it being just prior to the Bread of Life discourse in the rest of John 6. It's worth a note that no English translation anywhere actually does this.

Mark goes on to tell us that the hearts of the Twelve were hardened. This is what strikes me that we should translate it so. Mark has no reason to tell us that, unless the ultimate truth about Jesus were plain, and they did not receive it.

It's not crucial, in a sense. There are hundreds of opportunities to realize and deduce that Jesus is God in the New Testament. But what does it say about our need for grace to realize that perhaps Jesus plainly told the Twelve He was God, and they were unmoved?

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