Sunday, January 10, 2016

Oooh Child

I can't be the only one who's tired. I'm supposed to be in the party of individual initiative and responsibility. My party gave us Abe Lincoln, and fought bigotry from its very founding. Jackie Robinson himself was a Republican. We fought for equality and fairness before it was cool.

And yet, here we are, with people lifting our banner who can't even fathom peaceful Muslims, or honest, hardworking blacks. What? Kind of hard to mock the late Sen. Byrd for his membership in the Klan, when you're doing all you can to grow the ranks.

I once heard that eighty percent of Muslims in the US voted for George Herbert Walker Bush in 1988. If that cheers you, you might be a patriot. If that scares you, please stay home on Election Day.

I'm voting for the son of immigrants, and happily, at that. I figure a little shake-up will make America great (always) again.

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