Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Truth Time

I have an almost visceral disgust for the rhetoric and policies, such as they are, of the alleged GOP front runner. Is this where we are now, where insults directed at women, ethnic minorities, the disabled, and really anyone who fails to tell him how great he is gets you to the top of the polls? If it really goes this way, you have no right to ever complain about the unseriousness of the Democrats again. I don't want to hear it.

Here's some real talk about terrorism and security: if you want to live in a free country, your safety cannot be guaranteed. That's the truth. The government can try its best, but we've seen worldwide that people dedicated to causing harm will find a way. But it's not likely. You are more likely to die from your chicken salad today than a terrorist attack. Not to say we aren't vigilant; we are. But for the FBI to say, "We cannot properly vet these immigrants," that's what law enforcement in a free country should say. Better to die on our feet, than live on our knees. I am ashamed that I have to say this to Americans. By the way, the gun in your house is more likely to kill you or a loved one than an Islamic terrorist. If you accept the greater risk as the possible price of freedom, why not this lesser one? I don't recall that Columbine took any fewer lives than the terror attack in San Bernadino. In fact, we have shootings like this all the time, and the only people who may actually call for the incarceration of young white men are a few cranks on MSNBC.

If this sounds a bit liberal to you, good. Any American thinking straight should sound like a bleeding-heart next to an authoritarian. I'm sorry, but not.

I can recall a Coke commercial during the Super Bowl; you may remember it. It was the one where all those immigrants sang "America The Beautiful" in their native language. That's America to me. We don't build walls; we say "Tear down this wall!" Remember? We say that the longing for freedom and dignity is universal. I don't think 2016 is any more tense than 1987, or 1979, or 1865. I'd rather be free than great, I know for sure. Or it's better to say we are great because we are free.

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