Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hallowed Be Thy Name

God has spoken to the world he made, so everything drips with his sanctity, his otherness. Every time we lament what is, and hope for what ought to be, we say it: Hallowed be Thy Name. Everything good testifies to God, and everything bad, by its incompleteness and absurdity, does the same thing.

You may have heard it said that evil has no existence in itself; it's a parasite of the good, a twisting of the virtues, in an ultimately futile effort to mock God. Most people aren't consciously aware of mocking God, so the question really becomes, "What other name are you hallowing?" Why?

Suppose "Father" were weighted with all the hope and expectation we all have, but we were not disappointed. Ever. "Home" and "family" meant what they are supposed to mean, forever, and fulfilled in a way we can't even begin to imagine. This is what you're hoping for when you go to Mass, and wouldn't you know, that's what's on offer. Still think going to church is pointless?

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